Kitchen Creativity with Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

“Learn the rules like a professional so that you can break them like an artist.”  Pablo Picasso

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s new book Kitchen Creativity will inspire you to become a true culinary artist by mastering the fundamental skills of cooking in order to understand the alchemy of creativity. Their research has taken them into the kitchens of chefs around the world.  Their individual insights from each chef have been compiled into a collective work of wisdom.

The book emphasizes understanding the rules – understanding the basics and understanding how ingredients work together. Kitchen Creativity will empower you so that you can break the rules and become a “Pablo Picasso” in your kitchen. 


Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg


On a personal note, I am so thankful that Karen and Andrew continue to encourage me along my own culinary journey.  We recently reconnected in Chicago at a Les Dames d’Escoffier event at Chef Carrie Nahabedian’s restaurant, Naha.

What is the sourcing of your kitchen creativity?

Savor the day!

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