Margaret’s Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Margaret's Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Katie Chin | Kitchen Chat

Global Family Cookbook with Chef Katie Chin

“Cooking is an expression of love, an act of friendship and a bridge to new cultures.” Chef Katie Chin Celebrity Chef Katie Chin and I share a parallel culinary journey. She is honoring her late mother, Leann Chin, who was a successful restaurateur in Minnesota. I am honoring my late father, Dr. Claude H. Rhea…
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A Father’s Day Celebration with Chef Bradford Thompson

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate as a dad, granddad, or as someone who is a father influence in another person’s life. For this week’s celebration of Father’s Day, I am spotlighting James Beard Award winner, Chef Bradford Thompson. He has a special tradition with his children to engage them in…


Best Of Barbecue and Grilling

Enjoy the Best of BBQ and Grilling with some of the top experts! Steven Raichlen, Meathead, Mike Mills, and Myron Mixon share their tips and techniques to make you a BBQ Rock Star in your backyard! Here’s a quick sampler. Steven Raichlen, aka “America’s Master Griller” provides great tips for smoking everything, even a cheesecake!…

Sherry Yard | Kitchen Chat

Celebrating Flavors with Sherry Yard, Host of The Great American Baking Show

“If you make a syrup for a sorbet or souffle, take jasmine flowers and infuse them into a passionfruit base. Coax the flavor out from what already exists. Be intimate with your ingredients.” Chef Sherry Yard Let’s celebrate flavors with Chef Sherry Yard, James Beard Award winning Outstanding Pastry Chef and a host of The…

Chef Jeremiah Tower | Kitchen Chat

Chef Jeremiah Tower: A Shining Culinary Constellation

“Chefs must stop thinking of themselves and saying ‘Look at me.” It’s not about ‘me, me, me,” it’s about the ingredients and the customers.” Chef Jeremiah Tower Let’s celebrate Chef Jeremiah Tower’s culinary past, present and future. Considered to be the first Celebrity Chef and a creator of California cuisine, Chef Tower’s creative genius continues…


Chef Rick Bayless: Creating Bold Flavor from Your Farmers Market – Encore!

What are you bringing home from your local farmers’ market? Are you ready to create a vital and bold flavor profile with the produce? Chef Rick Bayless, a Maestro of Mexican Cuisine, provides tips, techniques and recipes from his latest cookbook More Mexican Everyday that will delight your palate.  Chef Bayless is an award winning chef,…

Signature Salad

Salads are nutritious and have endless creative possibilities limited only by your imagination and what you have on hand. They can be a side dish or the main course. A salad can restore your health and refresh your palate. My friend, Lynn, who is also a Kitchen Chat producer, shared her family tradition with me.…

Martin Yan | Kitchen Chat


“Yan Can Cook, So Can You!” Chef Martin Yan Do you want to learn how to debone a chicken in 18 seconds? Chef Martin Yan recently joined Margaret McSweeney and Chef Jaime Laurita in the Middleby Residential Showroom for an exciting Kitchen Chat on Viking Facebook Live. Chef Yan welcomes us all into his kitchen…

Andrew Zimmern | Kitchen Chat

Chef Andrew Zimmern: Experiencing Food, Sharing Culture

“The library of tastes and flavors and memories that I have is probably my most valuable asset. I wanted to try everything and anything at a very young age. I have never known a time where I wasn’t sure that this is what I would do.” Chef Andrew Zimmern What is aquaculture? Have you ever…


Margaret’s Merriest List: Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodie Friends

Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season to celebrate the special people in your life and what better way than with Margaret’s Merriest List. For my very first ever gift idea list, I would like to highlight some Kitchen Chat guests with their recommendations along with a charity that they would like to feature. As we give…