Margaret’s Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Margaret's Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Chef Rick Bayless: Creating Bold Flavor from Your Farmers Market – Encore!

What are you bringing home from your local farmers’ market? Are you ready to create a vital and bold flavor profile with the produce? Chef Rick Bayless, a Maestro of Mexican Cuisine, provides tips, techniques and recipes from his latest cookbook More Mexican Everyday that will delight your palate.  Chef Bayless is an award winning chef,…
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Signature Salad

Signature Salad

Salads are nutritious and have endless creative possibilities limited only by your imagination and what you have on hand. They can be a side dish or the main course. A salad can restore your health and refresh your palate. My friend, Lynn, who is also a Kitchen Chat producer, shared her family tradition with me.…

Martin Yan | Kitchen Chat


“Yan Can Cook, So Can You!” Chef Martin Yan Do you want to learn how to debone a chicken in 18 seconds? Chef Martin Yan recently joined Margaret McSweeney and Chef Jaime Laurita in the Middleby Residential Showroom for an exciting Kitchen Chat on Viking Facebook Live. Chef Yan welcomes us all into his kitchen…

Andrew Zimmern | Kitchen Chat

Chef Andrew Zimmern: Experiencing Food, Sharing Culture

“The library of tastes and flavors and memories that I have is probably my most valuable asset. I wanted to try everything and anything at a very young age. I have never known a time where I wasn’t sure that this is what I would do.” Chef Andrew Zimmern What is aquaculture? Have you ever…


Margaret’s Merriest List: Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodie Friends

Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season to celebrate the special people in your life and what better way than with Margaret’s Merriest List. For my very first ever gift idea list, I would like to highlight some Kitchen Chat guests with their recommendations along with a charity that they would like to feature. As we give…

Grace Young | Kichen Chat

The Breath of a Wok with Grace Young

“When a stir fry is cooked, it possesses “Wok Hei (hay)” which means life force. I like to call it the breath of a wok.” Grace Young aka Stir Fry Guru Grace Young will teach you the insiders’ secrets of seasoning your wok. Also known as Stir Fry Guru and a Wok Therapist, Young is…

Women's Entrepreneurship Day | Kitchen Chat


“Without optimism, you can’t be an entrepreneur.” Cynthia Rowley November 19th is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. It’s an honor to be Chicago’s Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) founded by Wendy Diamond in 2013. WEDO is a non-governmental volunteer organization and global initiative celebrated in 144 countries and universities and colleges worldwide with the mission…


Chef Roy Yamaguchi: The Pioneer of Asian Fusion

“Cooking is a living thing. It’s always evolving. It’s always changing. Every time we cook, because we put our heart and soul into it, we are giving a little bit of something away from ourselves.” Chef Roy Yamaguchi Chef Roy Yamaguchi is the Pioneer of Asian Fusion. Born and raised on a U.S. Army base…

Danielle Renov on Kitchen Chat

Peas, Love and Carrots

What is a schug and how can it make your life delicious? Danielle Renov’s new book Peas, Love and Carrots is bursting with Moroccan-Israeli inspired flavors. Learn about harissa and how it can spice up any dish. Danielle has a collection of recipes for sauces and dips to have ready to elevate any meal. You…


Live Life Deliciously with Tara Teaspoon

“There’s nothing better than splendidly nourishing yourself, your friends and your family.” Tara Teaspoon, author of Live Life Deliciously. Tara Bench, aka Tara Teaspoon has worked for decades in food publishing and was the food editor for Martha Stewart Living and the food director for Ladies Home Journal. Through these publications, she has always inspired…