Sophisticated Fun with Chef Michael Mignano, Executive Chef and Culinary Director at The Pierre

“Sophisticated Fun” is the mantra for Chef Michael Mignano, Executive Chef/Culinary Director at The Pierre, a Taj Hotel. Since 1930, this iconic hotel has defined “timeless New York City luxury,” and Auguste Escoffier was the opening chef and designer of the original kitchen. Chef Mignano continues this outstanding legacy of luxury and hospitality at The Pierre. As a frequent guest at The Pierre, diner at Perrine and a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, I was intrigued to learn more about the culinary past and future of the hotel. The impressive Two E Bar/Lounge was the backdrop to our Kitchen Chat.

First of all, I must say that Chef MIgnano exudes and defines hospitality with his gracious demeanor and passion for excellence in cuisine and through his utmost respect for his culinary team. While upholding the traditions and methods of Escoffier, Mignano infuses his own talent to enhance the relevance of French cuisine with a modern interpretation. And with The Pierre being a Taj Hotel, delicious flavors from India are infused into many of the dishes available. It’s a true reflection of returning to the The Pierre Grill’s roots of featuring Indian curries served tableside with an open kitchen.

To honor and celebrate Karl Lagerfeld during the 2023 Met Gala, Chef Mignano prepared exquisite amenities for the guests. After much research, Mignano discovered that Lagerfeld believed that buttered toast represents the ultimate in luxury. Mignano creatively included a miniature toast with a side of French butter in the dish. Hospitality is effervescent and is a hallmark at The Pierre, and many staff members have worked at the hotel for their whole career. Chef Mignano learned at an early age from Chef David Bouley that an executive chef should know every aspect of preparing a meal in case someone doesn’t show up. Chef MIgnano is probably one of the only chefs who can prepare a savory banquet for 400 guests while perfecting a wedding cake at the same time. Chef Michael Mignano and Chef MIchael Zebrowski share recipes and techniques from their very successful The Pastry Chef’s Little Black Book. Both Volume One and Volume Two are used by professional chefs and cooking schools. It’s a great gift for any pastry home chef as well.

Dear foodie friend, I encourage you to experience the luxury and excellence at The Pierre, a Taj Hotel. Explore the new in-house museum and dine on the delicacies prepared by Chef Michael Mignano and his culinary team.

Savor the day!

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