Happy National Butter Day!

Life is just better with butter. It is truly a scrumptious taste of luxury. According to Chef Michael Mignano, Executive Chef/Culinary Director at The Pierre New York, a Taj Hotel, “the height and element of luxury to Karl Lagerfeld was buttered toast.” To celebrate The Met Gala in 2023 which honored Karl Lagerfeld, Chef Mignano created exquisite amenities which even included soft European butter with a one inch square piece of toast.

Chef Mignano also shares with us why European/French butter is imperative in baking certain pastries in order to create the perfect feuilletage (flakiness). This is due to the higher fat content of French butter. Click on the video below to learn more about Chef Mignano’s delicious desserts to celebrate The Met Gala. And visit The Pierre New York’s website to experience the hospitality, luxury and culinary prowess of this iconic hotel.

To celebrate National Butter Day, you can learn how to make your own compound butter by listening to this Kitchen Chat with Sheana Davis. Try the recipe for Brown Butter Ice Cream and other delicious recipes on Taste Europe

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Savor the day! And Happy National Butter Day!

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