Wyatt Russell: Savor the Sip with Lake Hour Sparkling Cocktail

Savor the Day” is the tagline of my life. It’s a reminder to find and live your joy while connecting with family and friends. The multi-talented Wyatt Russell exemplifies how to “Savor the Day” and savor the sip with his approach to life and work. In addition to his athletic and acting careers, Wyatt is an entrepreneur as co-founder of Lake Hour, a line of ready to drink Sparkling Cocktails evoking the fond memories of “real leisure” and “sit-back-and-sip” camaraderie of a day on the lake with family and friends. We had a fun Kitchen Chat at the finale of the fifth annual Pr%%f Awards at The Palms in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Lake Hour for winning a double gold award at the Pr%%f Awards! I had a great time being one of the judges at the 2023 Pr%%f Awards.

Here’s a look at our video chat:

For Wyatt, a remote lake in Canada was the special gathering place for family time and inspiration. World-class hockey talent was what brought the family to Canada in the summers, when Wyatt was just 10, to support his passion and gift. Wyatt co-founded and launched Lake Hour in 2023 with friend and film producer, Richard Peete. They became great friends when their wives introduced them to each other. During a family vacation and while in a hot tub, Wyatt and Rich created the idea of Lake Hour which features a sparkling and fresh cocktail to capture the flavor and special memories and stories of being at a lake with family and friends. To avoid the fake sugar taste of many ready-to- drink cocktails, Wyatt and Rich chose to use premium vodka and 100% blanco tequila as the base of the drinks and only 3.4 grams of raw cane sugar. The flavors include Honeysuckle Ginger with vodka, Peach Jasmine with vodka, Rosemary Yuzu with vodka and Watermelon Cucumber with tequila and are available right now in markets across the US include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Oklahoma.

Please always remember to drink responsibly and only if you are 21 years or older.

Lake Hour Ready to Drink   Cocktails

As many of you know, Wyatt is starring in the popular Apple TV’s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters with his father, Kurt Russell. How exciting that Kitchen Chat had the first media interview about this show!

What are some of your favorite memories and stories at a lake?

Savor the Day and Savor the sip!

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