Bollywood Kitchen with Sri Rao

A fun photo with Sri Rao in Chicago at Read it And Eat

“Bollywood is Hollywood in Mumbai,” Sri Rao, writer-director-producer and author of Bollywood Kitchen explains.  Everyone should experience a Bollywood movie!  The music, the dancing and the colorful array of fashion are unforgettable!  And I will never forget my Bollywood dance lesson with Sri Rao at Read It And Eat bookstore in Chicago.

Sri Rao explains that Indian cuisine is easy to make at home and doesn’t have complicated and precise techniques as required in the preparation of French food.  Here are the three tips or rather essential steps to cooking Indian cuisine at home that Sri Rao has for the home chef:

  1. Saute onions in a pan and brown them.  This is the base of deep flavor for your curry..
  2. Add spices to onions in pan to wake up the flavor. Indian favorites include cumin, coriander, ginger and garlic; and
  3. Add in your main ingredient (protein or vegetable) and simmer.

Now you can pair Bollywood films with Indian cuisine thanks to Sri Rao’s Bollywood Kitchen cookbook.  Also look for his ABC sitcom that will feature Priyanka Chopra.  And maybe even dance a little in your kitchen!

What’s your favorite Indian dish and Bollywood movie?


Savor the day!

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