Empowering Women: Ina Pinkney and Denise Vivaldo

Ina Pinkney and Denise Vivaldo share their wit and wisdom while helping to empower women in the culinary industry.  These two are indeed a Dynamic Duo.  Ina Pinkney aka the “Breakfast Queen” is an iconic culinary leader, a former restaurateur, cookbook author, and a recipient of SBA Woman in Business Champion, and Denise Vivaldo is a sensed food professional for 30 years and author of eight books.  These wonderful friends have encouraged me along my midlife culinary journey, and it was a delightful honor to interview them together during  Les Dames d’Esocoffier conference in California.

A photo of Ina Pinkney at a special Meet and Greet in Viking’s Showroom

Their “Principles of P” can help jumpstart and transition careers and paths no matter what age or stage.  “Pivot” is a word that really resonated with Denise when Ina spoke about that subject while leading a workshop.  “Possibilities” is another important word. Tune into this Kitchen Chat podcast for more ins“P”iration!

Meanwhile, here are Denise Vivaldo’s recommendations for food styling for the home chef.  Throughout her career, Denise’s clients have included high profile celebrities and dignitaries..

  1. Have color
  2. Have definition
  3. Have elevation.

Are you in the process of “pivoting”?  Please share your story. 

Savor the day!

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