Great Barbecue with Ubon's

At Windy City Smokeout with Ubon's Garry Roark and Leslie Roark Scot

At Windy City Smokeout with Ubon’s Garry Roark and Leslie Roark Scot

Ubon’s has a long history of great barbecue.  It all began with Ubon Roark who solidified the tradition of barbecue in the family.  Ubon passed his recipes and pit master legacy to his son, Garry Roark who shared this joy of cooking with his daughter, Leslie Roark Scott.  She is a Chopped Champion at the grill and was the first female to win a championship on the Memphis Barbecue circuit at age nineteen.  Her son, Jacob is also pursuing the family passion of the pit and participated in his first Food Network barbecue competition  at age twelve. If you missed this year’s  Windy City Smokeout, join the fun next year.  As Garry Roark says, “It is like a big family reunion connecting with friends in the barbecue world.”

Here are three tips from Garry and Leslie for the best barbecue:

      1. Don’t over smoke.  Leslie explains, “People will put in mostly wood.  If we need to cook ten slabs of rib, I may use two sticks of hickory, and that may be too much. Don’t add too much wood.”
      2. Don’t put your sauce on until the last thirty minutes of your barbecue. “Most barbecue sauces have a lot of sugar, so if you put on the sauce too early you will burn the sugar, and your meat’s not going to be done,” Leslie explains.
      3. Use charcoal for your heat.  Garry and Leslie prefer Royal Oak Lump Charcoal.  “It’s the best,” Garry says.


And speaking of sauce, Ubon’s offers award winning barbecue sauce along with barbecue Bloody Mary mix. 

Savor the day!

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