Afternoon Tea with Eric Lanlard


An Afternoon Tea in London with Chef Eric Lanlard

An Afternoon Tea in London with Chef Eric Lanlard

Are you ready to bring the world to your tabletop with an Afternoon Tea?  In his new cookbook, Afternoon Tea, Master Patissier Eric Lanlard shares his easy-to-follow recipes that will create special taste memories for your friends and family.  Eric Lanlard has prepared special occasion cakes for the world’s top celebrities and royalty, including the Queen Mum (her 101st birthday cake) and Prince Charles and Camilla (their wedding cake) This book will make every guest feel like royalty.

In 2013, I had the delightful opportunity to celebrate an Afternoon Tea with Eric Lanlard in London.  This was especially meaningful as I was traveling with my oldest daughter, Melissa and joined my dear friend May Wong to celebrate my being breast cancer free for one year.  I shall always remember the delicious delicacies Eric Lanlard designed.  He is now partnering with SPG Cravings in creating special culinary experiences at various properties throughout the world.

A photo of my parents with my mother's favorite tea cup.

A photo of my parents with my mother’s favorite tea cup.

As Eric Lanlard says, “Afternoon Tea is the new lunch.”  This popular British tradition began in the mid 1800s with Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford who became quite hungry between lunch and late evening dinners and asked for tea and biscuits to be brought to her room each afternoon.  She started to invite friends to join her and started a fashionable custom throughout the world.  Eric Lanlard shares three key ingredients to bring a gracious and global taste to your Afternoon Tea.

  1. There are no strict rules of what can or can’t be served. You can serve sweet and savory.
  2. Create an inviting tabletop.  Bring out your best china to step up the glamour.  The pieces, however don’t have to match.
  3. Bring exotic flavors of the world to your Afternoon Tea.  You have access to great ingredients.  Eric says, “Try adding a little cardamon, bee pollen and orange blossom water.”


When asked with whom Eric Lanlard would like to share an Afternoon Tea, he mentioned the legendary Catherine Deneuve among others.  I personally would love to have an Afternoon Tea with Richard Branson.

Who is your ideal Afternoon Tea guest? Leave a comment and you will be entered to win a copy of Eric Lanlard’s Afternoon Tea.

Savor the day!


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