A Conversation about Survivorship


Signing the pink fire truck as a breast cancer survivor. Such a special moment

Signing the pink fire truck as a breast cancer survivor. A milestone moment.

Many life changing discussions take place around the kitchen table.   Four years ago, my husband and I shared the news of my breast cancer at the dinner table with our daughters.  Just weeks after my diagnosis, I participated in our local Relay for Life.  Even before my surgery and treatment, I was invited to take a Survivor’s Lap around the football field with fellow cancer fighters.  Surrounded by my family, I took these emotional steps and at that moment, I, too, became a survivor.


My dear friend, Melissa Palmer always says, “We are all survivors.”  At such a young age, Melissa has already faced three major diseases including Pompe, breast cancer and debilitating back pain. Recently, we had a kitchen chat at Grass Roots, a neighborhood store, to have a conversation about survivorship with one of her doctors, Dr. Timothy Lubenow. The holiday season can be an especially difficult time for survivors and caregivers. My heartfelt prayer is that you will be empowered and inspired by Melissa’s message.


Dr. Lubenow recommends these three survivorship tips after a diagnosis:

  1. Choose a friend or confidante with whom you can discuss your diagnosis.
  2. Get a second opinion and make sure your diagnosis is secure and confirmed.
  3. Always have hope.  And reach out to other people who have gone through or are going through your same situation.

During the holiday season, Melissa Palmer’s book, My Secrets of Survivorship will be published by Tate Publishing and available for purchase.  Here is what Mark Mingle, Vice President and Director of Sales at Tate Publishing says about her story:

“We could not be more proud of Melissa Palmer and her amazing story of survival, and we at Tate Publishing are honored to publish Ms. Palmer’s book.  So many people struggle with a variety of illnesses or problems, and Melissa Palmer is a true inspiration for anyone facing dire circumstances, be it health or otherwise.  Many speak of going into “survival mode,” but Ms Palmer has lived it, and her experiences are so unique and remarkable that I couldn’t more highly recommend her story and her book, My Secrets of Survivorship.”

Be encouraged, dear friends!

Savor the day!

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