Tasting Tour of Paris with Angie Niles

Discover the tastes of Paris with Angie Niles, author of Paris: Brights Lights Paris Shop, Dine and Live…Parisian City  This new book will navigate you through the neighborhoods aka arrondissements and guide you to the delicious destinations in Paris that any foodie would love.


Shop alongside Parisians at specialty food markets including Angie’s favorite,  Marche d’ Aligre in Bastille.  Each day, the Parisians buy fresh food to prepare at home.  Since there is typically no room for freezers, there are no leftovers after each meal.  Angie will also share how to experience fine French food dining with chef tasting menus at affordable prices throughout Paris. Explore a vanilla cellar at the world renown Epices Roellinger and learn how this spice can be paired with both sweet and savory dishes.

Do you love French macaroons? Angie provides some fun insight into the French Macaron Challenge.  Are you Team Laduree or Team Pierre Herme? Pierre Herme macaroons feature exotic ingredients such as figs and truffles.  Laduree offers classic macaroons which Angie describes as having “a most profound flavor.”  There are two Laduree stores in New York City, and each day macaroons are overnighted from Paris to New York.  Angie explains, “Just as New York City has perfected the bagel because of water and dough, it’s the same with the macaron in Paris. You can’t change the location.”  Angie shares some exciting news that soon Laduree stores in New York will ship macaroons across the country.  Which macaroons did Angie sample during an exclusive Afternoon Tea at Coco Chanel’s home?

Whether you are planning an actual or virtual visit to Paris, bring along a copy of Angie Niles new book.  Savor the day!



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