Tess Masters: What's Your Perfect Blend?

Tess Masters, aka The Blender Girl, wants everyone to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables in a fun and easy way. Before blending became a trend, Tess was using the blender to make homemade cleaning products, skincare, composts, juicing, desserts and sauces. As she researched the topic of blending as a method of food preparation, she discovered that the blender had become a metaphor of how she was living her life. She explains, “I was blending different notes, flavors, relationships and cultures to find my perfect blend for health and happiness.”

Tess Masters aka The Blender Girl and me at BlogHerFood in Chicago 2015

Tess Masters aka The Blender Girl and me at BlogHerFood in Chicago 2015

Tess Masters began asking everyone: “What’s your perfect blend?” Her cookbooks: The Blender Girl and The Blender Girl Smoothies along with The Blender Girl Smoothies App provide some delicious recipes for experiencing flavorful food that’s easy to make. Not everything is pureed. The blender is also used to make sauces to accessorize entrees. As Tess says, “Blending is a way to experience the alchemy of flavor. Who knew that blending strawberries and red bell peppers will create a taste that will leave you weak in the knees!”

As a three year breast cancer survivor, I am on a culinary quest of healthy eating that is also fun. Life is truly to be savored.  During our Kitchen Chat, Tess Masters shares some great recipes, ideas and easy changes that you can make each day to maximize nutrition, health and deliciousness.

What is your perfect blend?

Savor the day!

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