Put the World in Your Bowl with Robin Asbell

A photo with Robin Asbell at IACP Conference in Los Angeles

A photo with Robin Asbell at IACP Conference in Los Angeles

Are you looking for an easy way to serve a family meal and make everyone happy? One of the latest culinary trends is to serve all meals in a bowl.  Robin Asbell, author of Great Bowls of Food will inspire you to put the world in your bowl with recipes featuring a variety of grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, meats, seeds and other ingredients from around the globe.  Robin shares the history of the Buddha bowl along with spotlighting the latest trend in grains:  Freekeh.  Here are three compelling reasons why serving meals in a bowl will “bowl you over”:

  1. Flexibility.  Robin explains that at mealtime, each person can actually compose a unique combination by offering a bowl bar at the table.  She says, “Whether you are vegetarian or paleo, this is a great way of having everybody eat together.”
  2. Versatility:  Robin’s recipes feature grains from around the world that will introduce new tastes and textures for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. Also, you can mix and match your bowls.
  3. Simplicity: And the best part of serving a meal in a bowl is that it’s easy to clean up!

What are your favorite dishes in a bowl?

Savor the bowl!


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