Global Family Cookbook with Chef Katie Chin

Katie Chin | Kitchen Chat

“Cooking is an expression of love, an act of friendship and a bridge to new cultures.” Chef Katie Chin

Celebrity Chef Katie Chin and I share a parallel culinary journey. She is honoring her late mother, Leann Chin, who was a successful restaurateur in Minnesota. I am honoring my late father, Dr. Claude H. Rhea Jr., who was a wonderful home chef. Cooking was an expression of love in both of our homes and a bridge to new cultures. What an honor it was to write the foreword to Katie’s new book “Global Family Cookbook.” She has been featured on Beat Bobby Flay, a judge on Iron Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen and many other media appearances. And she is also the Culinary Ambassador for National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Chef Katie Chin doing a cooking demo in the beautiful Middleby Residential Showroom in Orange County

After a fun event in the Middleby Residential Orange County Showroom, Chef Katie and I sat down for a Kitchen Chat to discuss her new cookbook and her online Facebook cooking show with her daughter, Becca. With over 170 global recipes, Katie provides a taste of the world and brings us all to the table together.

Here are Chef Katie’s top three tips for the home chef:

  1. It’s okay to use store bought wrappers for dumplings.
  2. Invest in a really good sharp knife and a great cast iron pan. Don’t be afraid to season.
  3. Focus on fresh food.

Here is Chef Katie Chin’s delicious recipe for Salmon with Sesame Ginger Glaze and Coconut Lime Rice (used with permission) from her new Global Kitchen cookbook with Tuttle Publishers.