A Father’s Day Celebration with Chef Bradford Thompson

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate as a dad, granddad, or as someone who is a father influence in another person’s life.

For this week’s celebration of Father’s Day, I am spotlighting James Beard Award winner, Chef Bradford Thompson. He has a special tradition with his children to engage them in the appreciation of food preparation and fine dining.

From a very young age, his children have understood how families connect in the kitchen. His daughter videotapes him creating recipes. For back to school celebrations, Chef Bradford and his daughter have a special tradition of going to fine restaurants and creating opportunities for her to appreciate the choreography of the dining and hospitality experience

My father always tried to get me interested in the meal preparation at home, but I never had a keen interest in participating. However, I treasure the memories of his taking me to The Club, one of very few fine dining options in Birmingham, Alabama during the 1970s. He exemplified table etiquette with the proper placement of silverware and the ceremony of white-gloved servers placings linen napkins on the lap. And after dinner, we waltzed across the floor dancing to the live orchestra. I am sure that my feet stepped on his shoes several times.

Here are Chef Bradford’s top three tips for the home chef:

  1. Have a well-stocked pantry, including salty, spicy, Chile paste, etc.
  2. Planning. Have a plan that can change.
  3. Organize pantry by cuisines, i.e. Asian, Italian, etc.

Food can create special memories for loved ones. What are your special ways to celebrate a meal?