Babette’s Feast, Chef Lasse Sorensen

“TAK for mad” means “Thank. you for the meal” in Danish. My husband is half Danish, and my mother-in-law taught me this lovely phrase. How fitting that for our first date, my husband took me to see the Oscar-winning Danish movie, Babette’s Feast, based on Isak Dinesen’s book.

Its an endearing film about Babette, a mysterious French female chef who flees France to live in a small village in Denmark to work for free as a housekeeper for two elderly and austere, spinster sisters. After winning the lottery, Babette chooses to spend all the proceeds on preparing a culinary feast for the community with the finest wines and imported ingredients to create a menu found only at the finest restaurants in Paris. Babette decides to remain in this small villas and live the simple life.

Recently I had the delightful hon of interviewing Chef Lasse Sorenson who was the actual chef of Babbet’s Feast

How fascinating to hear his stories about cooking for this beloved movie. And Chef Sorenson has the sole rights to prepare Babette’s Feas in the United States!

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