Chef to the Stars: Akasha


Akasha Richmond has traveled the world as personal chef to legendary musicians such as Michael Jackson and Barbara Streisand.  Chef Akasha’s passion for organic and fresh food continues to be her hallmark at her two L.A. restaurants in Culver City, Akasha and Sambar. Akasha shares some healthy tips on how to cook like a celebrity chef in your own home.  “You need to find ways to make whatever someone likes but use healthy ingredients.  For example, if someone likes fried chicken, make it oven fried.”  On an interesting side note, one of Michael Jackson’s favorite dishes prepared by Akasha was New Mexican enchiladas.  “He loved spicy foods,” Akasha said.

On November 1st, the Global Change Gala to benefit The Red Cross Los Angeles Region will be held at Akasha Restaurant.  She says, “This will be a very Akasha menu featuring global cuisine.” Menu items will include: Braised short ribs (braised in broth with ginger, shallots, cinnamon sticks and star anise which is an Asian dry spice); Risotto Cake with duck confit and preserved fig; Lemon Grilled Shrimp with Salsa Verde, Papadum Chips; Tandoori Chicken with Apple Chutney; Squash Soup; Australian Sea Bass; and a Tahli Platter with vegan dishes.  As Chef Akasha says, “It’s always important to have something delicious for your vegan friends.”

Even if you are not attending the gala, I hope that you will help support the Red Cross and perhaps bid on one of the auction items via charity buzz.

Savor the day!.

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