The Homemade Kitchen with Alana Chernila


Do you want to learn how to cook with pleasure? Alana Chernila’s new cookbook The Homemade Kitchen has recipes, tips and encouraging words to help you “create what you crave.”  If you are a seasoned chef or you just bought your first sauté pan, Alana says, “Come to the kitchen with a beginner’s attitude.  There’s always something to learn.”

“If you eat garlic, then grow garlic,” Alana says.  I had no idea that garlic cloves from a farmers market can be used to plant a garlic garden!  And since garlic is a bulb, it can survive the cold Chicago winter. According to Alana, you want to plant garlic in the autumn, so there is still time! Her new cookbook even features a recipe for garlic powder.

And speaking of recipes, do you want to learn how to make kefir? Alana Chernila shares how to make this “drinkable yogurt” at home and how to use it in recipes such a Kefir Banana Cake! The recipe for kimchi is also in the cookbook.  Alana’s cookbook, kitchen and website feature servings of encouraging words.  One of my favorite Alana quotes is, “Enjoyment might be a nutrient in and of itself.”  Other phrases taped to Alana’s fridge include: “Start where you are. Feed yourself. Do your best, and then let go. Be helpful.  Do the work.  Slow down.  Eat outside.  Invite people over.  Don’t be afraid of food.”

Enjoy the podcast and please let me know what some of your favorite quotes and recipes from your kitchen.

Savor the day!



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