Cactus – It's what's for dinner

What a delight to have a recent Kitchen Chat with Margarita Carrillo Arronte. She is one of the world’s premier authorities on Mexican cuisine, and I affectionately call her the “Julia Child of Mexico.” Cactus Paddles  or “Nopales” provide a delicious addition to any meal. I had no idea that their flavor is like lemony green beans and are very healthy to eat. Cactus Paddles are often used as a substitute for meat during Lent and many people will be surprised to learn how aromatic and flavorful the cactus paddles actually are. And don’t worry, they come pre-plucked in the grocery stores. Arronte brings to life the diverse and wonderful world of Mexican cuisine. Each region of Mexico brings completely different flavors and culinary experiences.  I learned that vanilla actually originated in Vera Cruz, not Madagascar.  And that Epazote is one of s important herbs and tastes amazing in vegetable soup. in your kitchen and just dive into the rich and diverse flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine. With over 650 recipes in the cookbook, you will have plenty of dishes to choose from.  Please share your favorite culinary creations with me. To hear more about the joy of Mexican cuisine go to and you can hear my chat with Margarita Carrillo Arronte. Stay tuned for the next edition of Kitchen Chat and always Savor the Day!.

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