Margaret’s Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Margaret's Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Chef Mary Sue Milliken: Living and Leading with Joy

“Joy comes from cooking for other people.” Chef Mary Sue Milliken Chef Mary Sue Milliken continues to enjoy her culinary career with great success in owning restaurants, writing cookbooks, and starring in TV shows. In this Kitchen Chat, Chef Milliken shares the joy of her journey and the life lessons she has learned along the…
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Truffles and Tribulations – “Tart It Up!” with Chef Eric Lanlard

Roll up your sleeves and grab the flour! Tune in and “Tart It Up” with Chef Eric Lanlard aka Cake Boy Learn tips and techniques to perfect your pastry from this Master Patissier. Enjoy delicious recipes for sweet and savory tarts and pies from Chef Eric’s latest book “Tart It Up.”.

Truffles and Tribulations – Olive Oil and a Pinch of Pastry

Do you dream of having your recipe served in a Chicago restaurant? Tune in for details and learn how to create delicious dishes with olive oil from the owners of O Olive! Also enjoy a sweet treat by Cake Boy Chef Eric Lanlard who will be at the Ritz Carlton Club on October…

Truffles and Tribulations – Czech Cuisine

Enjoy a sampling of food and fashion at Cafe Prague featuring European and Asian designers on the runway. So “Czech” out this free event from 6-8pm on October 20th..

Truffles and Tribulations – The Best Seat at Chicago Chef’s Table

How did Chicago become a culinary mecca? Pull up your chair for Some Kitchen Chat as Amelia Levin discusses chefs, recipes, restaurants and food trends in the Windy City. Tune in for some highlights from her new book Chicago Chef’s Table..

Truffles and Tribulations – Dinner and a Show

The perfect pairing. Susan Goss, Chef/owner of West Town Tavern is partnering with Chicago Dramatists to present a delicious dinner before the show. Chef Goss also shares seasonal favorites from the cookbook West Town Tavern Contemporary Comfort Food. Virginia Nugent discusses the exciting new plays premiering onstage at Chicago Dramatists along with delicious dishes from…

Truffles and Tribulations – Milk is Gourmet

We all recognize the milk mustache ads, but we don’t always realize that dairy products are the secret ingredients to some our favorite gourmet meals. Today’s show takes us from the farm to the table with Audrey Donahue, the delightful dairy farmer who was on Wife Swap. Discover the real facts vs. fiction about milk…

Truffles and Tribulations – 082012

Tune in to Truffles and Tribulations and join me on my journey as a new foodie! Discover white truffles and the tastes of Piedmont with Gourmet Destinations. Learn how to prepare different types of truffles with the founder of Mirepoix USA. Impress your friends at a dinner party with tips on how to discern if…

Kitchen Chat – Chicago Cuisine By Bike

Are you an adventurous foodie? Then grab a helmet with Bike and Roll for a taste of the trendy and the traditional in Chicago. One stop might include the iconic Terry’s Toffee where you will sample toffee that is always a favorite at The Academy Awards and The Tony Awards..

Kitchen Chat – Heat, Hops and Happiness at Danny Meyer’s Blue Smoke

Do you want to increase your BBQ IQ? Tune in as Chef de Cuisine Eddie Montalvo of Blue Smoke Flatiron shares tips and techniques for making great tasting BBQ ribs, pulled pork and brisket. And Tinika Green, Assistant GM/Beverage Director of Blue Smoke Battery Park City explains how to perfectly pair beer with BBQ. Tinika…