A Sip of Summer

We are all probably feeling a little bit of cabin fever right now. Even the little creatures are restless this winter. Yesterday a squirrel knocked down my door wreath hoping that the fake berries and nuts were real. I felt so sorry for him. Snow foraging would not be fun.

On this cold winter day in my kitchen. I decided to treat myself to a sip of summer: Lemonade—-well actually it is Lemon Water. One of my favorite gadgets is a lemon squeezer. It’s very easy to use. Simply cut a lemon in half and put the sliced portion inside. Position your lemon squeezer over a glass of sparkling or plain water. Then press down on the handle and voila!

Squeezing a little bit of lemon is like squeezing a bit of sunshine into your day.  A Sip of Summer.

Savor the day!

What are your favorite tastes of summer?



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