A Chocolate Afternoon Tea with Eric Lanlard

Chocolate— one of my very favorite words in any language! A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy Chef Eric Lanlard’s Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London. What a delight to actually meet Chef Eric in person after interviewing him last year on Kitchen Chat.


As many of you know, Chef Eric, a Master Patissier, is also known as Cake-Boy. He made the wedding cake for Prince Charles and Camilla and is the host of Baking Mad. In 2014, he will be a space traveler on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Spaceship. Therefore I think “gastronaut” is definitely a title that Chef Eric can claim. He truly takes your taste buds on a chocolate journey that is out of this world at Chinoiserie.

Here is a sampling peek at his Chocolate Afternoon Tea menu:

  • Curried crab tart with white chocolate
  • Chocolate macaroon with home smoked venison
  • Cassis imperial chocolate cupcake with a fine dark chocolate mousse and balsamic blackcurrant filling topped with precious pearls
  • Conquistador shot of passion fruit and white chocolate cream with basil seeds and topped with coconut jelly

You, too, can impress your family and friends with delicious chocolate creations. Chef Eric’s new book, Chocolate releases this month and features 100 essential recipes!

What are your favorite chocolate recipes?

Savor the day!.

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