The Maestro of Music Shares His Grace Notes on Life: Wayne Messmer

Wayne Messmer greeted my friend and me with a song when we met during a business lunch.  He approached the table at Wildfire in Schaumburg and sang, “When the moon meets the sky like a big apple pie that’s…” He pretended to hold a microphone and encouraged me to sing in response and so I did: “Amore.”  I would like to publicly extend an apology for those diners who had to endure my off pitch musical response.

Interactive encouragement is a true trademark of this incredible music man.  A famous personality in Chicago, Wayne has sung the national anthem for all of the professional sports teams in the area.  He has also taken his distinguished voice to the airwaves with his own weekly radio show, Homelife on WIND AM 560 each Saturday morning from 8-9.  But most of all, Wayne is a survivor and a “thriver” from an act of violence which temporarily took away his passion:  Singing.  A teenager shot him in the throat in a senseless act of violence which as Wayne describes on this video “stole his voice.”  Silence can be deafening, especially when the voice of Wayne Messmer is quiet.  Through hard work and by God’s grace, Wayne found his voice again and is able to communicate his love for life through the songs in his heart.

I asked Wayne for tips on how to make the holidays special this year.  He said that the holidays can be a reflective time on the past, remembering people who are no longer with us or regretting things we didn’t do or say.  Wayne encourages us instead to embrace the present moment and to make a point to find opportunities and create memorable moments with those who are still in our lives.  As Wayne knows firsthand, tomorrow is not always a guarantee.  Today is a gift, so as Wayne reminds us, “Take a breath of life.”  Celebrate and make your moments great.

And for more additional information about Wayne Messmer, consider purchasing his autobiography, The Voice of Victory and tune in on Saturday mornings on WIND AM560 for Homelife with Wayne Messmer.

Per the wisdom of Wayne to make memorable moments during Christmas, I am trying to overcome my fear and embrace the opportunity to go ziplining with my family.  How do you plan to create memorable moments during the holidays with the ones you love?  I would love to hear your stories!.

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