Kitchen Chat® in Antibes with Chef Lee Burton

Chef Burton and Margaret McSweeney

Join Margaret McSweeney and Chef Lee Burton at a table by a tree-lined gravel driveway in front of an 18th century villa in Antibes for a special Kitchen Chat. Both Chef Lee and Margaret share Alabama roots and enjoyed connecting the dots of mutual friends and southern childhood taste memories. Enjoy the background sounds of cicadas singing and the birds chirping.

As the foodie friends of Kitchen Chat know, charity begins in the kitchen. Chef Lee has a passion for teaching children how to cook and is involved with a fantastic charity, the Rochford Foundation. He actually left a successful business career mid-life to pursue his passion of culinary teaching. It’s a reminder to us all that we should never feel stuck in what we are doing in life. You can always make a proactive and purposeful change.

Chef Lee is also busy launching a new show called “Go Local Lee” This series of videos is aimed at spotlighting local dining and drinking establishments in Redlands, California. From front-of-the-house interviews with diners to back-of-the-house visits to the kitchens, Chef Lee offers diners an intimate look behind the scenes of their favorite eateries, coffee shops and breweries.  Here is our chat!

Chef Lee and Margaret enjoyed shopping in the local Antibes market to select squash blossoms for a delicious dinner in this grand Villa previously owned by the fashion designer Agnes B.

Their mutual friend, Chef Sharon Sessler actually curated the stay in the Villa, and along with her outstanding team prepared the gourmet meals for the guests.

As you think about places to visit, consider looking at options for culinary travel, either locally, nationally or even internationally. As Chef Leah Chase said in a Kitchen Chat with Margaret, “When you taste the food of a place where you visit, you are tasting their culture.”

What are some places you dream of visiting?

Savor the Day!

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