Margaret’s Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Margaret's Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Chef Rick Bayless: Creating Bold Flavor from Your Farmers Market – Encore!

What are you bringing home from your local farmers’ market? Are you ready to create a vital and bold flavor profile with the produce? Chef Rick Bayless, a Maestro of Mexican Cuisine, provides tips, techniques and recipes from his latest cookbook More Mexican Everyday that will delight your palate.  Chef Bayless is an award winning chef,…
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No Crumbs Left with Teri Turner

Teri Turner aka No Crumbs Left is a modern day Julia Child. She is passionate and articulate about sharing her recipes and cooking tips all while making us feel like we are in her kitchen. Recently, Teri joined Chef Jaime Laurita and me for a Kitchen Chat in the Middleby Residential showroom in Chicago to…


Pasta Grannies

Vicky Bennison takes us into the kitchens across Italy to meet the beloved “Pasta Grannies” who share their time-treasured techniques and secrets to pasta making.  From her home in Italy, Vicky started exploring the food of the area and discovered that only the Italian grandmothers were preserving the tradition of making pasta by hand. She…


Holiday Tips

Make holiday entertaining a little easier with tips from Rachael Hollis and Food Network’s Michelle Buffardi.   Rachel Hollis, celebrity event planner, entrepreneur and founder of, and Hollis Co shares hacks for the hostess from her book Upscale Downhome.  With clients including Bradley Cooper and many other stars, Rachel will help you make your guests…


Sharing The Joy of Cooking

The Joy of Cooking is a treasured cookbook with millions of home chefs following the recipes and creating taste memories for their families. As many of you know, I have been on a quest through Kitchen Chat to understand my father’s joy of cooking. Speaking with John Becker (the great-grandson of Irma Rombauer) and his…


Chef Dorian Hunter, Winner of MasterChef Season 10 Celebrates Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Chef Dorian Hunter is the first African American female to win MasterChef. She recently joined Chef Jaime Laurita and me in the Viking Showroom to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and to demonstrate Salmon Wellington, her audition dish for MasterChef. All proceeds from the evening benefited Wings. Chef Dorian shares her heartwarming journey with us about…


Chef Michael Kornick and His Culinary Journey

Chef Michael Kornick’s culinary journey has taken him into some of the greatest kitchens in the world. He is a nationally recognized leader in the culinary arts. His inspiration began at home, cooking with his grandmother and mother. Chef Kornick recalls, “They took a lot of pride and passion in bringing family occasions to the…


CHILL at the Merchandise Mart: An Evening of Food, Wine and Charity

As we know, charity begins in the kitchen. On today’s Kitchen Chat, we are featuring Chef Didier Durand, Executive Chef of Marchesa and Chef James De Marte, Chef/owner of Pisolino along with his business partner, Rachel De Marte. These two chefs joined Chef Jaime Laurita and me in the Middleby Residential Showroom for cooking demos.…


Meals on Wheels Chicago

On November 8, Chef Jaime Laurita and I will emcee the Celebrity Chef Ball for Meals on Wheels Chicago. It’s extra special this year as the organization will be honoring the legendary Ina Pinkney. Ina is a dear friend and mentor. Her experience as a restaurateur, cookbook author, brand ambassador, a polio survivor and a…


Hero Dinners with Marge Perry and David Bonom

Do you want to be a hero in your kitchen? Marge Perry and David Bonom share the tips and recipes for one pan meals that will expand the palates with even more flavor for your family. Recently, I stopped by Read it and Eat in Chicago where this dynamic duo was preparing Ooey Gooey Mac…