Margaret’s Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.

Margaret's Blog - Upfront and Personal

Follow Margaret with her up close and personal stories of her life, events and the adventures she has with her friends and family.


Happy Holidays! It’s a tradition at Kitchen Chat to share some delicious ideas with you about gifts for the heart of your home. Your kitchen. Here are some great items to consider that are easy to get last minute for a friend, family member or work colleague. These gifts feature guests from Kitchen Chat along…
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Preserving the Taste of Home with Joan Nathan

As we prepare for Autumn and the end of Summer’s bounty it’s an ideal time to look back on this fun segment with Joan Nathan on preserving foods. “If you preserve the food, you preserve who your family is.” This poignant quote by Joan Nathan, an award winning author of eleven cookbooks including her latest…


Plant-Based Lifestyle with Chef Dave Choi

Do your New Year’s resolutions include eating healthy?  If so, you will enjoy my kitchen chat with Chef Dave Choi who has a passion for a plant based lifestyle.  He encourages us to consider a three day challenge of eating meals without sugar, yeast, dairy and animal protein which he explains are the sources of…


In The Kitchen With Anne Willan

A visit with Anne Willan in her kitchen. Anne Willan is an icon in the culinary world. As founder of Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris in 1975, she has trained some of today’s top chefs and people in the culinary industry. La Varenne was one of the first cooking schools in France to…


The Art of Baking with Chef Jim Dodge

“A lot of people think that baking is exacting. I challenge that. It’s not really.” Chef Jim Dodge Chef Jim Dodge has deep culinary and hospitality roots.  Chef Dodge’s family has been in the hospitality business in the White Mountains of New Hampshire since 1794.  He worked in every department of his family’s New Hampshire resorts.…


Chef Alice Waters – Queen of the Garden Encore

As we await the beautiful produce that will soon be arriving at our Farmer’s Markets, I thought it would be a good time to celebrate Spring with this encore piece featuring Alice Waters. Always remember to take a moment and Savor the Day! Chef Alice Waters is a counterculture culinary hero who has helped pioneer the…

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Common Threads: The Power of Using Food for Change and Education

“We all know when we eat well we feel better.  We have the energy to rock it out!” Linda Novick O’Keefe, Founding CEO of Common Threads   Over 16 million children in the United States experience hunger.  Common Threads is helping lead the way to empower and educate children across the country.  Recently, Linda Novick…


The Thrill of the Grill with Grill Seeker Chef Matthew Eads

“Anything you can do in the kitchen, I say you should do it on the grill.  It always tastes better.” Chef Matthew Eads Do you want more confidence at the grill? Today’s guest, Chef Matthew Eads shares recipes and tips from his cookbook Grill Seeker: Basic Training for Everyday Grilling As a U.S. Marine for thirteen years,…


Stanley Cup Winner Daniel Carcillo: Life After the Game

“Hockey mimics life.  It’s important to stay mentally focused no matter if the momentum changes.” Daniel Carcillo, two time Stanley Cup winner, formerly with Chicago Blackhawks Unexpected blows in life can happen to us all.  However, unexpected blows in the hockey rink can change the course of one’s life after the game.  Daniel Carcillo shares…


Gold Medal Cooking with American Culinary Federation

Food is sport, especially at the IKA/Culinary Olympics.   Chef Stafford DeCambra, President of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) has brought home 11 gold medals.  Recently, Chef Jaime Laurita and I had a pop-up Kitchen Chat with Chef DeCambra at Middleby’s booth at the National Restaurant Show.   ACF is celebrating its 90th birthday this…