About Kitchen Chat:

Welcome to my kitchen – a gathering place to sample and share. Please grab an extra chair or kitchen stool and gather around the green granite island or the glass top table for some Kitchen Chat. Let’s talk about what’s on your mind and what’s in your refrigerator. Please share some delicious recipes along with the ingredients of your life. How do you spice up your favorite dishes and season your own life? What would you like to learn how to cook next? What lessons in life and in the kitchen would you like to share?
As the Brazilians say, “Aproveite!” which means Enjoy! I, however, like to translate “Aproveite” to mean savor the flavor of life!

Kitchen Chat

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Zucchini Cappellini d'Angelo Marinara

Common Sense Cooking for Cancer

Are you a cancer fighter? Survivor?Or perhaps a caregiver? If so, I hope these recipes will be a helpful resource.  Nourish is my word for this year.  As a  three year breast cancer survivor, I want to reach out and help nourish others who are facing the battle.  Food is an important part of this journey. […]

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Mexico The Cookbook

Cactus – It’s what’s for dinner

What a delight to have a recent Kitchen Chat with Margarita Carrillo Arronte. She is one of the world’s premier authorities on Mexican cuisine, and I affectionately call

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