Yuval Zaliouk: Maestro of Music and Food

As I learned from my father, the home chef becomes a maestro in the kitchen as he or she conducts the chaos and cacophony of ingredients and cookware to create harmony of sounds and tastes.  My father was an accomplished lyric tenor who recorded several albums, including one with the Concert Orchestra of London.He would have loved meeting and cooking with Maestro Yuval, the Maestro of Music and Food.  Maestro Yuval first conducted the Royal Ballet Orchestra in London where he fell in love with a ballerina, who became his wife and co-owner of Almondina.  It was a delightful honor to meet Maestro Yuval at the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Specialty Food Association. 

A photo with Maestro Yuval at Specialty Food Association Fancy Food Show

As Maestro Yuval said, “You and I share something in common.  You are honoring your father with Kitchen Chat, and I am honoring my late Grandmother Dina.  She was trained at Cordon Bleu in Paris and created an amazing almond cookie, a childhood taste memory that Maestro Yuval built into a passionate and successful business.  His Grandmother Dina was very protective of this secret recipe and only shared it with family.  She was 80 years ahead of her time in creating a delicious and healthy cookie without preservatives, salt, and coloring and also low in calories.  The slogan on every pack is “The Delicious Cookie without the Guilt”

On this special podcast, Maestro Yuval shares highlights from his culinary journey along with great tips for the aspiring entrepreneur.

What are your favorite snacks?

Savor the day!

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