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Birmingham, Alabama has always been the home of my heart, and Southern Living has always been the heart of my home.

My very first Southern Living cookbook 36 years ago

Recently, I traveled back to the place of my childhood to tour the Time Inc Food Studios in Birmingham, Alabama.  Nestled on a wooded hilltop, the studios are spacious and gracious. The Alabama white marble island is the centerpiece of this splendid venue. As Allison Lowery, Director of Time Inc Food Studios says,”We feel like we are the test kitchen for home cooks.”  Time Inc Food Studios opened a little over a year ago. With over 27 kitchen bays in the studios, the tasters, recipe developers, food stylists, prop stylists, and photographers all work together to make the food look and taste great for many of Time Inc’s publications. It was especially fun to explore the prop room with Katie Barriera, the director of the test kitchens.  This video tour will provide a greater understanding and appreciation of the process of creating a recipe, presenting it to the tasting table, prepping, propping, photographing and finally publishing.  

How exciting to see some of the delicious creations that will be featured in upcoming issues of Time Inc’s publications such as Cooking Light, Southern Living, Coastal Living and Real Simple.  Doesn’t this cake look sublime? 

Time Inc just launched its very first “video only social media brand” called WellDone which features great tips and recipes in “bite/byte” size portions.  Mike Grady, supervising producer of Time Inc Video Studios, said “Three to four videos are posted everyday and it’s some of the greatest food you will ever see.”

Tradition and innovation continue to create lasting taste memories for people around the world. Here are three tips for the home chef from Allison Lowery and Katie Barreira:

  1. Plan your meals ahead of time. (Allison likes to plan the meals for the week on Sunday) Carefully read the recipes you are going to use and make sure you are ready.
  2. When food looks beautiful, it tastes a lot better.” Think about investing in flat white plates.  “Everything pops on white.” Think about the size and shape of your food.  Get some different colors and sizes on your plate.
  3. Make cooking fun.  Food and cooking for your family and friends is an act of love.

Thank you again, Time Inc Food Studios for welcoming me into your test kitchens for a Kitchen Chat!

What are your favorite taste memories?

Savor the day!



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