Three "FAB"io Cooking Tips

What a blast to attend a Fabio Live event at Siena Tavern in Chicago with my friend Pamela.  Chef FABIO is genuinely a nice guy.  He even took this selfie of us!

A fun selfie that Chef Fabio took of us!

A fun selfie that Chef Fabio took of us!

It was also a delight to meet Chef David Blonsky, Executive Chef at Siena Tavern.

Chef David Blonsky, Executive Chef at Siena Tavern

Chef David Blonsky, Executive Chef at Siena Tavern

Chef Fabio and his lovely co-host, Cheryl Scott of NBC5 presented outstanding cooking demos for each dish.The menu of this delicious culinary event included:

Truffle Scrambled Eggs with roasted mushrooms, goat cheese and toast

Shaven Brussels Sprouts Salad with parmesan, toasted Marcona almonds

Orecchiette with proscuitto sausage, watercress,Pecorino cheese

Monkey bread

(In case you are wondering what Monkey bread is, here is a photo of this yummy dessert)

Monkey Bread!

Monkey Bread!










Here are three Chef “FAB”io cooking tips to share with you!

1) Make your scrambled eggs fluffy

  • You will LOVE this tip! Crack and beat your eggs in a bowl and leave them in the fridge overnight.
  • Take the eggs off the burner before they are done and let them finish cooking in the pan.  This way they will not overcook.

2) Eat your Brussels Sprouts!

Healthy and tasty Brussels Sprouts salad!

Healthy and tasty Brussels Sprouts salad!


Ingredients: Serves 4

1.5 lb Brussels Sprouts   1/4C Marcona Almonds (Toasted)  4oz Parmesan Cheese  1/2 C Cabernet Vinegar

1/4C  Honey  2tbsp Shallots (minced) 1.5C Extra Virgin Olive Oil  To Taste: Salt & Pepper


Remove bottom ends from Brussels sprouts. Using a mandolin, thinly slice Brussels sprouts about the thickness of a quarter (make sure to use plastic hand piece when using mandolin)

Chop Marcona almonds and set aside.

For the dressing, using a small mixing bowl, add cabernet vinegar, honey, shallots, garlic and olive oil. Whisk vigorously until well incorporated.  Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.

In a separate mixing bowl add Brussels sprouts and add 2 tablespoons of dressing, salt and pepper. Taste salad, add more dressing if needed.

Divide between four bowls and top with Marcona almonds and freshly shaved Parmesan.

3) Don’t be afraid to make homemade pasta!

  • Use the food processor! Dust off that gift that is collecting dust in the back of your kitchen cabinet.
  • Use one egg per person
  • When the dough starts looking like it is doing a hula dance in the processor, then it is ready to be rolled.

Congrats to Chef Fabio on his recent engagement AND on his new cookbook! I’m looking forward to an upcoming Kitchen Chat with him.  If you leave a question on this post for me to ask Chef Fabio on Kitchen Chat, you will automatically be entered to win an autographed copy of Fabio’s Italian Kitchen!  Savor the day!

Chef Fabio's new cookbook!

Chef Fabio’s new cookbook!





  1. Marianne Bailey on April 14, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    I love Fabio’s energy. Chicago is a great food town and we are so happy that Siena is here.
    Happy to have your tips and recipes. Keep them coming. Good luck with Miami!

  2. Dara Blaker on April 18, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    Making brussel sprout salad with dinner tonight-after I go shopping. Lol. Thanks for the awesome tips.

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