The Thrill of the Grill with Grill Seeker Chef Matthew Eads

“Anything you can do in the kitchen, I say you should do it on the grill.

 It always tastes better.” Chef Matthew Eads

Do you want more confidence at the grill? Today’s guest, Chef Matthew Eads shares recipes and tips from his cookbook Grill Seeker: Basic Training for Everyday Grilling As a U.S. Marine for thirteen years, Chef Matt knows firsthand about basic training. He recently joined Chef Jaime Laurita and me in the Middleby Residential showroom at the Merchandise Mart for a Kitchen Chat.


Thank you, Chef Matt for serving our country!

 How perfect that this was filmed in the Lynx outdoor grill vignette.  In fact, Chef Matt loves grilling on a Lynx.


Chef Matt will inspire you with his recipes and surprise you with all that you can prepare on a grill.  How fascinating to learn that you can use a cast iron skillet on a grill.  Yes, foodie friends, you can even make S’moretillas for your family without the mess.

Here are Chef Matt’s three top tips for the home grillers:

  1. Don’t grill by feel.  Get an instant read thermometer.
  2. Heat management.  Understand that there is more than one zone.
  3. Have fun!  Grilling is about the memories and the experience.

What’s your favorite thing to grill?

Savor the day!