“The Delmonico Way” with Max Tucci

“And to the reader, I dedicate this book to you, with hopes that it will inspire you to celebrate life with elegance, grace, laughter, love, and intentions – in the spirit of the Delmonico Way.” Max Tucci

Hospitality is a way of life for Max Tucci, the grandson of the late Oscar Tucci, owner of the famous New York restaurant Delmonico’s. The Delmonico brothers opened their first establishment in 1827, in 1926, Delmonico’s became a part of Tucci’s family. All were always welcome at the table in Delmonico’s and that is a legacy that Max continues in his own life. He is intentional about making sure people know that they are seen, heard, appreciated and that they matter. In his book, The Delmonico Way: Sublime Entertaining & Legendary Recipes From the Restaurant That Made New York!, Max Tucci spotlights the incredible food and fame of Delmonico’s.

Above all, however, Tucci shares the beautiful love story of his family whose legacy continues to define hospitality. You will be inspired to create your own traditions around food and entertaining and to celebrate life in “The Delmonico Way.”

How special to realize that my late father was inspired by the delicious legacy of Delmonico’s to create a special family tradition. My fondest childhood taste memory is that of Eggs Benedict. Each Saturday my father would meticulously prepare the hollandaise sauce and pour it over this special breakfast dish. Eggs Benedict was actually invented at Delmonico’s in the late 1860s by Chef Charles Ranhofer who named this dish after Mrs. LeGrand Benedict, a frequent diner at the restaurant.

What a delight to have recently met Max in New York City during the International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards at the Middleby Residential New York Showroom. Our mutual friend, Jennifer English connected us. Max is now a very dear foodie friend, and I look forward to many conversations and delicious meals with him. Please order a copy of his book as a gift for yourself or for a foodie friend.

Max’s top 3 tips for entertaining.

  1. Welcome All to Your Table
  2. Express Gratitude
  3. Do not serva a salad on a warm plate. Chill the plate, forks and knives.

What are your special food and entertaining traditions?

Savor the day!

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