The Chew's Chef Carla Hall

“Do what you love and everything else will follow.” Chef Carla Hall

The award-winning Chef Carla Hall is an exuberant example of pursuing dreams with authentic heartfelt enthusiasm.  We have all cheered for her on Bravo’s Top Chef and watched her on The Chew.  Her love of cooking and sharing a meal now includes the role of cookbook author, restaurateur of Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen and distinguished keynote speaker.  Through her successes, Chef Carla Hall remains humble and intent on encouraging others through their own journeys in the kitchen and in life.

One of her favorite childhood taste memories is her grandmother’s corn bread at Sunday Suppers.  And of course corn bread is featured on the menu at Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen.  Meanwhile, Her co-hosts on The Chew have created new taste memories for Carla including Mario Batali’s recipe for Mashed Potatoes  using olive oil and Daphne Oz’s recipe for Coconut Pound Cake. 

Tune into the podcast for Chef Carla’s advice about how to avoid overcooking chicken and fish.  On a side note, she suggests using a charcoal odor absorber to get the fishy smell out of your kitchen.

Here are Chef Carla’s three tips for the Home Chef:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Understand how to season
  3. “Remember that there is flavor in the brown. When you have color on your food, you have flavor. So don’t be afraid to turn up the heat and get some color in your food.”

Chef Carla Hall recently was on the Red Carpet for the Oscars.  As you know, I always enjoy pairing food and film during each Oscar Season.  Here is a link to my preparing Chef Carla’s delicious recipe for Chocolate Decadent Bites.

What is your favorite childhood taste memory?



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