Tasting New Orleans: Breakfast at Brennan's

New Orleans is where it all begins….

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Many of you know that Kitchen Chat is a way to honor my late father, who was an outstanding home chef.  I regret not going into the kitchen with him to learn how to cook.  He passed away 26 years ago.  To celebrate what would have been my father’s 90th birth year, I am including some very special and delicious destinations.  First stop is New Orleans, my birthplace and the starting point of my culinary journey.

Breakfast at Brennan’s is a timeless tradition where guests enjoy the elegance of a multi-course morning meal with wines and champagne.   This iconic restaurant is celebrating its 70th year and recently underwent an $18 million renovation. To commemorate its culinary legacy, Brennan’s has put back onto the menu some of its favorite dishes.  I especially enjoyed the Eggs Hussarde. How fitting that Brennan’s was recently named New Orleans’ Restaurant of the Year by New Orleans Magazine.    The Brennan family’s culinary history includes Chef Paul Blange’s creation of Bananas Foster which has become a signature dish at Brennan’s.

Eggs Hussarde at Brennan’s.

How special it was to meet Ralph Brennan for a kitchen chat and to enjoy a special tour of this historic destination, a former residence that dates back to 1795.

Brennan’s offers four unique dining experiences on the second floor.  My favorite one is the unique room that honors the Queens of Carnival. And of course the beautiful main dining areas on the first level provide gracious hospitality as well. From February 8-11, Brennan’s will welcome the iconic Four Seasons Restaurant owner Julian Niccolini and Chef Pecko Zantilaveevan for a four day culinary collaboration and celebration of cuisine at Brennan’s.  Here is a link for more information along with the menu.

The renovated and world class wine cellar which was damaged during Hurricane Katrina now has its own private dining area for sixteen people.  The beautiful table is carved from a large cypress tree from Mississippi.

Visiting the famous turtle pond in the courtyard at Brennan’s is a treat for all ages.  Ralph Brennan shares the delightful story about the parade of turtles.


What is your favorite Taste of New Orleans?

Savor the day!



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