Tasting Italy with America's Test Kitchen and National Geographic

“Italian food isn’t the result of a single culinary style, it’s a mosaic of many cooking traditions that stem from each province’s geography and climate, agriculture history and culture.”  Jack Bishop, Chief Creative Officer at America’s Test Kitchen on PBS

Come on a culinary journey with  America’s Test Kitchen along with National Geographic. Their three year creative collaboration resulted in a new book, Tasting Italy, which is all things Italy and all things food.  It features captivating photos, stories and a collection of 100 recipes created and tested by ATK.

You will better understand this culinary diversity and treasures of Italy with this book.  Discover the “white diamond of Italy” a valuable white truffle valued at $3,600 a pound and found in the Piedmont region. It is shaved over pasta dishes.  “It has an intoxicating aroma and amazing flavor and is unparalleled in the culinary world,” Jack Bishop explains.   The Lombardy region grows saffron, the equivalent of gold in the spice world.  Saffron is used in traditional risotto.  Pistachio gelato is a favorite flavor in Sicily.

Here are Jack Bishop’s top three tips for the home chef:

  1. Taste your food before you serve it.
  2. Don’t ever apologize.  You cooked.  You are a hero.
  3. You can do more than you think.  Anyone can cook.

Here is a link to Tasting Italy!  It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

Also, enjoy Jack Bishop’s new podcast, Proof.

What is your favorite taste of Italy?

Savor the day!

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