Sara Moulton: America's Home Chef

Sara Moulton‘s mission in life is to help home chefs get dinner on the table during the work week.  Her latest book is Home Cooking 101: How to Make Everything Taste Better. With over four cookbooks, Sarah Moulton is one of the nation’s most enduring and endearing recipe writers. Her stellar culinary career includes Good Morning America, Food Network and PBS.  And Sarah Moulton worked very closely with her mentor, Julia Child for many years.   Her best advice from Julia Child was 1) Always strive for excellence; 2) Never stop learning; 3) You must always smile on camera; and 4) Always work at least one job.

Sara Moulton’s three tips for the home chef include:

  1. Get the ingredients for your meal in-house and think of your meals as a chart with categories.  For five days plan five proteins, 5 starches; and 5 vegetables.  This way with the ingredients and a plan in hand, you are more likely to cook dinner;
  2. Focus on one part of the meal.  Not every category needs to be a celebrity on your plate.  Focus one night on the protein and prepare simple sides.  Another night, focus on the vegetable and make a simple grilled protein; and
  3. Always have a well-stocked freezer.

What are your favorite ingredients to have in-house?

Savor the day!



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