Rohini Dey: Let’s Talk Womxn

Rohina Day Let's Talk Womxn | Kitchen Chat

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with Rohini Dey! She is an accomplished businesswoman who has worked with the World Bank, a large consulting firm and even launched the women’s program at James Beard Foundation. She left the corporate world to pursue her passion of opening an Indian and Latin American fusion restaurant in Chicago called Vermilion.

Margaret McSweeney and Chef Jaime Laurita recently had a Kitchen Chat to discuss cuisine with Rohini and her important initiative called Let’s Talk Womxn.

Let’s Talk is a collaboration of women restaurateurs to build combined economic power. It’s not an organization, but rather an action-led movement by women business owners as peers. Throughout March, Let’s Talk Womxn will be celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month across 12 states with delicious feasts. Foodie friends, please consider attending one of these celebrations and support the initiative.

It was great to actually film a Kitchen Chat with Rohini Dey in Vermilion and visit the kitchen and meet the chef. A special thank you to Middleby Corporation for sponsoring this Kitchen Chat and for supporting Let’s Talk Womxn.

What are some of your favorite women-owned restaurants?

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