Plant Based Lifestyle with Chef Dave Choi

Chef Dave Choi

Do your New Year’s resolutions include eating healthy?  If so, you will enjoy my kitchen chat with Chef Dave Choi who has a passion for a plant based lifestyle.  He encourages us to consider a three day challenge of eating meals without sugar, yeast, dairy and animal protein which he explains are the sources of inflammation.  He says, “After three days ask yourself, do I feel better?”

His message to eat what is grounded to the earth is truly his life choice.  Chef Choi opened the first vegan restaurant in Chicago, Amitabul.  He explains that in a plant based lifestyle, one only eats what grows from the ground.  He also stresses that vegetables should be steamed since eating them raw requires a larger amount of probiotics for digestion. Chef Choi also shares some insightful sources of natural probiotics including spices such as ginger, garlic, tueric kale, oregano and basil. In addition to advocating nutrition for the body, Chef Choi also encourages nourishment for the soul with his Just Bee Meditation.

His son continues Chef Choi’s traditions of healthy eating through his company Healthful Habits, Inc  His son works with corporations to help curate and create a healthier lifestyle for employees.

As Chef Choi says, “Take one  meal at a time to be more conscious about what you eat.”

Cheers to a healthy and Happy New Year, foodie friends.  What are your resolutions for 2016?

Savor the day!.

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