Nancie McDermott Honors Home Cooking

Nancie McDermott

Nancie McDermott is the author of ten cookbooks, including Simply Vietnamese Cooking, Simply Thai Vegetarian Cooking and Southern Soups and Stews.  These books all have an important common denominator:  Nancie celebrates traditional food in its cultural context and honors the home cook.

Nancie wants to be a source of encouragement to home chefs, “like a coach and a camp counselor.”   She truly makes the exotic cuisines accessible with her food stories and easy to follow recipes.  “After all, it’s just cooking,” Nancie reminds us.

Nancie’s passion for Vietnamese cooking originated when she went to Vietnam with some fellow foodie friends to support Peace Trees of Vietnam.   This charitable organization helps clear land mines and plants trees of peace in Vietnam in addition to providing other important services.  And that’s the perfect pairing: Charity and Cuisine

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