Myron Mixon: Winningest Man in BBQ

Myron Mixon

Photo Credit Alex Martinez

What is the key secret to barbecue?  Myron Mixon, four time World Champion of Barbecue aka “Winningest Man in Barbecue” shares some great tips that will help you become a pit master (and a grill master) in your backyard.

  1. “Patience, planning and execution are essential;”
  2. A  primary tool is a meat thermometer.  “Don’t try to guess when the meat is done.  Make sure it is done. Perfect doneness will result in perfect taste and perfect tenderness.”   He recommends the Thermaworks Thermapen; and
  3. Never put cold sauce on hot meat.

Myron Mixon, host of BBQ Rules and author of the new cookbook BBQ Rules will be in Chicago at The Windy City Smokeout on July 15-17 and will teach a hands-on class.  Also, his restaurant Smoke Show BBQ will open this summer in Chicago.

Check out his new cookbook BBQ Rules!

Savor the day!


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