Happy Holidays! It’s a tradition at Kitchen Chat to share some delicious ideas with you about gifts for the heart of your home. Your kitchen.

Here are some great items to consider that are easy to get last minute for a friend, family member or work colleague. These gifts feature guests from Kitchen Chat along with their favorite charity.

  1. Chef Katie Chin’s Global Family Cookbook, Utensils and Red Colander

What an honor to write the foreword for Chef Katie’s Global Family Cookbook and share the first recipe I created with the help of some foodie friends. This is a great gift idea to create lasting taste memories for your family and to bring the flavor or the world into your kitchen. Her wooden utensils and red colander have become a staple in my kitchen. Tune in for the fun Kitchen Chat with Chef Katie Chin. And also, please consider a donation to National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Chef Katie is the Culinary Ambassador for this impactful charitable organization.

2. Stephen Bruce’s Sweet Serendipity

Stephen Bruce, the original co-founder of Serendipity3 is an icon in the world of food, fashion and art. It was a special moment to have a Kitchen Chat with him in the James Beard House where James Beard taught him how to prepare an omelette over 65 years ago. The Sweet Serendipity Sapphire Edition celebrates the 65 plus years of deliciousness in this famous restaurant. Savor the day with a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate for the holidays.

Stephen Bruce and Margaret McSweeney in the James Beard House kitchen

3) Chef Bill Kim’s Korean BBQ Cookbook

Expand your palate this season with Chef Bill Kim’s Korean BBQ Cookbook. And learn about the flavors and spices in this special Kitchen Chat with Chef Bill Kim. You will even learn how to make kimchi and delicious sauces with this cookbook. And how fun would that be to gift the book and homemade sauce! His wife, the beautiful and talented Yvonne Cadiz-Kim is a dear friend and is a great inspiration for this cookbook. Please consider making a donation to one of their favorite charities, Inspiration Kitchens.

4) Teri Turner’s No Crumbs Left Cookbook and Pottery

Teri Turner aka No Crumbs Left is a modern day Julia Child who is passionate about cooking and sharing recipes and techniques. Her followers are affectionately known as “Crumbles.” Her No Crumbs Left Cookbook is a timeless gift for yourself or any foodie on your holiday list. And her No Crumbs Left pottery is exquisite! Enjoy this special Kitchen Chat with Teri Turner that Chef Jaime Laurita and I had in the Middleby Residential Chicago Showroom. Please consider donating to her favorite charity of choice A Doll Like Me, a non-profit organization that provides dolls to promote inclusivity for children and help change the narrative of how we see each other.

5) Chef Dorian Hunter, MasterChef Season 10 Winner and Wooden Cutting Boards

Chef Dorian Hunter inspired us all with her win on MasterChef Season 10. It was so special for Chef Jaime Laurita and me to do a Kitchen Chat with Chef Dorian Hunter in 2019 in the Middleby Residential Showroom as part of a fundraiser for Wings to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization. I hope you will consider donating to Wings, one of Chef Dorian’s favorite charities.

Chef Dorian Hunter with Margaret McSweeney and Chef Jaime Laurita in the Middleby Residential Chicago Showroom

Wishing you the Merriest of Holidays, dear foodie friends! Thank you for your generous hearts for charity and for supporting those who are in the food industry. And thank you for being a blessing in my life with Kitchen Chat.

Savor the day!

Margaret McSweeney

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