Jaime Laurita: Celebrity Rockstar Chef


Tattoos and Pearls. Chef Jaime Laurita and I have the perfect pairing of friendship.  He is like a brother to me and continues to inspire and encourage me on my culinary journey. A milestone moment was visiting Anne Willan, the founder of La Varenne Cookery, in her kitchen.

In Anne Willan’s kitchen with Chef Jaime Laurita

We met several years ago when Chef Jaime was the host of a fundraiser for Wings.  Chef Jaime has always had a heart for charity and for making a positive impact.  He has toured the world with Madonna, Sting, Steven Tyler and even co-wrote a cookbook with Sarah McLachan.  Although he has designed and cooked for many celebrities, Chef Jaime always maintains a humble heart and kind spirit. “Life is what I’m chefing, and I think that everyone can use a dose of good energy and positive cooking in their lives,” he says.

A photo with Chef Jaime Laurita at WINGS event in 2014

Recently, I was so honored that Chef Jaime cooked a birthday lunch for me in his kitchen!  The entree was asparagus soup topped with crispy fried leeks and prosciutto wrapped shrimp.  Architectural artistry!

For dessert, he prepared a delicious Apple Tarte Tatin on the stovetop and in the oven and served it with homemade sour cream cinnamon ice cream.

Here are three tips from Chef Jaime’s Kitchen

  1. Keep it clean/simple.  “There’s nothing good about a crowded refrigerator. Be selective and invite the ingredients onto your table.”
  2. Please sharpen your knife.
  3. Cook without fear.  “Fear should never be an ingredient.  Don’t feed me that. ”  The most wholesome ingredient is you.  Cook with love.

Here is a link to the video kitchen chat in Chef Jaime’s kitchen. 

Thank you, Chef Jaime Laurita for this spectacular birthday lunch.  You have created a lasting taste memory. Your friendship is the perfect recipe in my life.

On the red carpet with Chef Jaime Laurita at the James Beard Awards


Savor the day!

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