It's Time For The Emmys!

The Emmys are almost here. I will be tweeting from the Entertainment Tonight studios during the Emmys and to celebrate, I want to have a friendly little competition. If you can accurately predict the winners of each of the following five categories – you will win a signed copy of “Fabio’s Italian Kitchen,” by Fabio Viviani! The rules are simple. Post your answers to my page by noon on Monday, Aug. 25. Provide picks for each category below and then also include the show you think will get the most awards (for tie-breaking purposes). Meanwhile, enjoy this fun kitchen chat with Barbara Lazaroff. She has great ideas about hosting a fabulous Emmys party in your home!

Here are the categories:

Best Comedy Series
Best Drama Series
Best Miniseries
Best Variety Series

It's Time For The Emmys!

It’s Time For The Emmys!

Best Reality Show Host
Show to win most awards

Pick your winners. Post them to my page and win a signed book from Fabio Viviani! Good luck and savor the day!.

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