Healthy Spice Heroes with Natasha MacAller

Natalie McAller | KitchenChatLet’s spice things up in 2019!  Natasha MacAller, author of Vanilla Table: The Essence of Exquisite Cooking from the World’s Best Chefs along with Healthy Spice Heroes shares the benefits of spices. She is a fellow member of Les Dames d’Escoffier and we had a fun Kitchen Chat at one of the conferences.

Did you know that Vanilla is actually an orchid?  Its unique pod or bean originates from this exotic flower. In Vanilla Table, Natasha collaborates with some famous chefs to feature recipes with unexpected pairings such as vanilla and trout!

Discover which spices will help with inflammation and digestion as Chef Natasha takes us on a flavorful journey with her book Healthy Spice Heroes.

Here are Natasha’s top tips for the home chef:

1) Always taste

2) Use spices

3) Make your own blends of spices

What is is your favorite spice?


Savor the day!






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