General Hospital's Jackie Zeman and Jaime Laurita: Make This Place Your Home

General Hospital star, Jackie Zeman is a foodie.  Although she loves to eat, Jackie admits that she is not a good cook and she wishes a “food fairy” would come into her kitchen. Ironically, her character, Nurse Bobbie, was a restaurateur on General Hospital.  She and her onscreen brother Luke Spencer ran Kelly’s Diner.  Although the food is real on set, Jackie says that it’s challenging to actually eat while filming a scene.  Chef Jaime and I enjoyed our Kitchen Chat with Jackie in the Viking Showroom.

Fun in the kitchen with Chef Jaime Laurita and Jackie Zeman

This fall, Chef Jaime Laurita and Jackie’s new show Make This Place Your Home will air on TLC.  They will feature fashion, design and food trends that will inspire you in your own home and encourage you to try your own decorating projects. They were recently on Windy City Live to promote their show and also with ABC’s meteorologist, Tracy Butler on Soap Chat.

Jackie and Jamie on the set of Soap Chat

Jackie’s three tips for the home chef include:

  1. Sit down together for dinner and share a meal with friends and family;
  2. Exercise so you can boost your metabolism; and
  3. Make your table pretty with flowers.  Jackie likes using small bud vases so you can see everyone .

Chef Jaime encourages the home chef to “do things with reckless abandon.  Let your fear be an ingredient for your creativity.”

What design project are you working on in your home?

Savor the day!

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