"Food is the Lens of Life" with Marge Perry

Travel the world to delicious destinations from your kitchen table with Marge Perry, a prolific food writer whose articles have appeared in Rachael Ray Every Day Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and Cooking Light and many other publications.  As Marge says, “Food is the lens of life.”  On today’s podcast, Marge will highlight the best tasting hummus recipe from Israel, the robust flavors of India and the comforting tastes of the deep South.  Food truly reflects the personality and culture of each location.

Marge Perry also takes us into the world of Tahini, or as she calls it “Sesame goes peanut butter.”  Tahini is just an example of the trend of global ingredients that’s happening in our own kitchen pantries as we expand our palates at home.

Food is the lens of life, and it is also the memory book of our life experiences. If you watched the movie, The Hundred Foot Journey, you may recall the scene in which Chef Hassan meets another chef from India who offers a sample of an Indian dish.  Chef Hassan says, “It’s a taste of my childhood.”  Marge Perry shares her poignant “taste of childhood” recipe for strawberry cupcakes and the heartfelt story of her mother.

What is your taste of childhood? 

Savor the day!

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