Craft Distillers: "Leap into the Past" with Ansley Coale

Although distilling dates back to Ancient Egypt, modern distillation began in the 1850s.  Prohibition (1919-1933) almost put an end to the art of craft distilling in the United States. In 1982, Ansley began his journey into the past by founding Craft Distillers and reviving the art and unique flavors of brandy and cognac  by meticulously recreating the hand method distillation process.

Personally, I did not realize that brandy is made from wine.  Typically, in most cases lower quality grapes are used in distilling brandy.  However, Ansley Coale purchased top quality grapes to be turned into wine before distilling and people noticed the difference.  His foresight that consumers were looking for authentically and very well made products propelled the success of his company, Craft Distillers.  For this reason, Ansley uses rainwater as a key ingredient along with French Oak barrels that create a delicate, subtle and fruity flavor.

Ansley Coale tasting brandy

Here are Ansley’s tips to help you feel like an expert at your next brandy tasting:

  1. Take time to breathe in the fragrance of the brandy
  2. Do not swirl the glass!  By doing so, you release vapors that help create the depth of flavors you need to experience..
  3. Take a small sip and notice the taste.  A really good brandy has finish.  After ten minutes, you can still taste it in the back of your mouth.

To order Ansley’s products, visit Waddell & Williams.

Savor the day!


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