Celebrity Chef Dave White Sets Sail with “Salted”

Celebrity Chef Dave White recently released his first cookbook “Salted:A Recipe Book with a Story to Tell.” This new book spotlights 50 of his favorite recipes and adventurous travels (photos included) around the world.

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Before he was the chef on Bravo’s “Below Deck Mediterranean,” Chef White cooked in some of the finest kitchens in London and Paris and was a top competitor skier. In the book’s endorsement, Captain Sandy Yawn writes that Chef White “was the best chef on Below Deck Med.” With mountaintops and valleys in his life, Chef White shares how cooking saved him. He is a big advocate for mental health and openly speaks about his own challenges.

Having grown up near London, Chef White has a passion for Fish’n Chips and hopes to one day open a restaurant. Meanwhile, he continues his culinary adventures on land and sea. Recipes from his cookbook Salted: A Recipe Book with a Story to Tell include Grilled Salmon (pictured above), Charred Basque Octopus and many other tastes from around the world.

Here are Chef Dave’s top tips for the home chef:

  1. When you are cooking, it needs to be fun. I never write lists when I go shopping. See what’s fresh and organic and what they brought in that morning. Then create something around that ingredient.
  2. Season fish and meat treating them both the same. Let it set out for an hour before you cook it.
  3. Bread doesn’t have to be complicated. Just get good flour, all purpose and some quick yeast. Put it together in one pot, warm water, rest and a tiny bit of sugar. Don’t overthink. Let it proof once and just bake it at a high heat. It really isn’t that complicated.

A bonus tip from Chef Dave White is to use Maldon Sea Salt from Cornwall.

What is your favorite salt?

Savor the day!

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