Candace Jordan: Charity, Chicken and a Cast Iron Skillet

Candace Jordan is one of Chicago’s most celebrated celebrities who loves charity and chicken. Over the course of her modeling career, Candace was featured eight times on the cover of Playboy and was a “bunny” during what was considered the golden age of the magazine.  Now Candace is the one who shines the spotlight on others, especially charities as a social columnist and media personality.  She hosts CandidCandaceTV and writes a weekly Chicago Tribune column called Candid Candace and also a blog.  She recently joined Chef Jaime Laurita and me in the Viking and La Cornue Showroom in the Merchandise Mart for a Kitchen Chat which turned into a fun Chicken Chat.

One of Candace’s fondest taste memories is Mama Mary Johnson’s fried chicken that was lovingly made in a cast iron skillet in Southern Illinois.  Candace was raised by Mama Mary Johnson, who was from Tupelo, Mississippi.

She taught Candace how to cook.  Mama Mary passed along her beloved 80 year old skillet to Candace who treasures this heirloom.  Candace even brought the skillet into the showroom to teach Jaime and me how to make Mama Mary’s recipe for fried chicken.  Mama Mary Johnson and her husband also taught Candace a lot about charity.  They grew a garden each year and gave away half of the produce to their community.  Candace continues this legacy by giving back so much to our community.

Here are Candace Jordan’s three top tips for a successful life:

  1. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith.  Say “yes” to everything
  2. Go through every door
  3. Be kind.

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