Blizzard Wizard

Facing up to two feet of snow in Chicagoland, the epicenter of what is being tagged as an historic blizzard, I am getting prepared for the storm by putting together a blizzard box. 

Reaching out to Twitter and Facebook friends, I asked for the  “best advice” on how to become a blizzard wizard.

First, I must say that I have a deeper appreciation for those pioneers and forefathers who braved blizzards without grocery stores, hardware store, internet resources and portable butane heaters.  Hats off to you!

Here are some great tips from everyone across the country:
•    One high school friend said “Move to the South!”  Great advice.  I miss those warm winter days in Birmingham.  It’s 57 degrees – a very warm Spring day in Chicago.

•    Put extra food in a laundry basket.  It’s portable and located in one place. One dear friend of mine actually has supplies on hand to make her own wheat bread! I plan to video tape a Kitchen Chat session in which she teaches me how to grind wheat! And don’t forget food for your pets in that basket, too.

•    Change the batteries in your flashlights and make sure you have plenty on hand.

•    Diane said to pop popcorn and put it in plastic containers.

•    Pamela Cools wrote a great article about facing power outages:

•    Make sure you have all of your prescription meds at hand.

•    Here’s a great one from my brother: Before a power outage from blizzard, choose a “warming room.”  Take advantage of the time before losing power and turn up the heat so that room will be toasty – even consider putting a space heater (with proper precautions of course) in that room to make it even warmer before losing electricity.  Keep provisions in that room, i.e. your blizzard box.

•    Louise said that  LL Bean and others have an all in one which includes a cell phone charger, radio and flashlight. And that  M & Ms would be a must for her blizzard box.

•    Remember to create some fun memories with your family and friends!  This can be great together time.

What would you put in your blizzard box?.

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